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Amber Lynn aka Amberella is a Philadelphia-based mixed media and street artist who sees the world through candy-coated eyes. Most of her work is conceptual and often comments on popular culture, body image, social justices, or lady drama. She draws inspiration from past and present personal life experiences. Her work, raw and vulnerable, seeks to touch on the viewer's emotions and evoke feeling upon first glance. Amber Lynn holds a BFA in Photography from the University of the Arts, where she has also taught. She has been showing her work in Philadelphia since 1999 and also other artists' work at her prior gallery and boutique, Amberella. She was recently awarded Rad Girls Artist of the Year. Find Amberella in the Gal Pal box!

And here we are

And Here We Are is the graphic design and letterpress printing studio of Meghan and John Sokorai*.

They're a husband and wife team who specialize in modern hand lettered and illustrated prints and stationery. Their company was founded in Brooklyn in 2012, and relocated to Columbus, Ohio in 2015.

*pronounced “SUH–KOR–UH.” It’s Hungarian.

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Shalini started to experiment with chocolate making around the age of 14 and hasn’t stopped since. Later she became a pastry chef and had the occasion to make thousands upon thousands of truffles, all hand-made the old fashioned way. She is an accomplished pastry chef and worked in bakeries for over 15 years, including the Bonbonnerie in Cincinnati.

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Emily Corwin

While most of our artist connections have been made within Cincinnati’s flourishing creative community, Emily and Caitlin actually had their first encounter in 2009 at The College of Wooster. Emily migrated south after undergrad to complete her Master’s in English at Miami University, and currently lives in Bloomington working on a Master’s in Fine Arts.  Her poetry chapbook, My Tall Handsome was published in the Spring of 2016, and the P+P team has simply devoured it. She is a queen of “pretty-spooky” imagery, “taking what’s considered traditionally female, and subverting it, making it a little monstrous or unexpected.”

If you find yourself loving her chapbook as much as we do, we recommend following her on Instagram @exitlessblue. Her artistry isn’t just limited to her writing.

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Ellebrux is the creative moniker for Cincinnati-native Laura Brooks. Her necklaces, key chains and earrings are hand-painted in monochromes, grey scales and metallics that reflect her awesome eye for color. If wearing her work around isn’t enough, check out her DOPE mountain paintings. Bob Ross has got nothing on those hypnotic beauties.

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Grateful grahams

Rachel started Grateful Grahams in 2010. With one kid in school and an infant at home, she was looking to create a company to fulfill her passion and dreams of creating her own job. She spent more than seven years working in marketing for a national company, so with her knowledge in the natural foods industry she wanted to create a tasty treat all could enjoy. Between a friend’s suggestion and her dad’s veganism after battling prostate cancer, Rachel developed a great treat – handmade vegan graham crackers.

Find Grateful Grahams in the Build-Your-Own and Hygge boxes!

Handzy shop + studio

To be frank - Handzy is the dream of every set of besties. Suzy Strachan + Brittney Braemer met at the University of Cincinnati in the DAAP program for Graphic Design and now own a shop together in Covington. Every product they make is a collaboration between the two of them - true BFF teamwork at its finest. Together, they’ve created their own line of stationery, prints and paper goods, in addition to the design consulting they do for small, local businesses.

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Hoosier sugar cookies

Alexa is a cookie genius. If you scroll through her Instagram feed, you'll see some incredibly intricate cookie designs. I can barely make a round pancake. In her day-to-day life, she is not a great lover of pink or froof, but when it comes to her cookies- the froofier the better! We totally respect this girl for turning a self-taught hobby into an awesome business. She's an entrepreneurial superwoman after our gift-giving hearts.

Find Hoosier Sugar Cookies in the You're a Gem and Cincy Care Package boxes!


Igloo is a small but mighty letterpress and bookbinding studio, retail shop and commercial printer in central Ohio. Their roots are steeped in history. They are passionate about using their extensive collection of wood and metal type and beautiful vintage image cuts. As a modern letterpress printer they thrive on pushing the envelope and experimenting with the best of digital and analog techniques. To visit their studio is to receive an education in not only the 600-year history of printing, but to get a glimpse of where it is going and why it is an always changing, vibrant, and exciting craft.

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John Humphries

John is an Associate Professor and Graphics Coordinator at Miami University. While John could figure out how to make most anything out of some elderberries and a paint brush, we fell in love with his organic, crater-y ceramics and the variety that comes with each shape and glaze. Hailing from Texas and honing his craft for the last 5 years, John has found inspiration in the Ohio landscape and the local art scene.

Find John in the Hygge box!

Keep your shirt on, covington

Keep Your Shirt On Covington is a local group of very mature people doing very adult things. Like cutting the balls off cats. Having a podcast. Making ridiculous merchandise just because it's funny. Praying people buy it. And then spending that money drinking until we look better. Or on AmerAsia. Yummmmm.

KYSOC are the creators of Cincinnati Against All Sanity, featuring 54 twisted cards about your favorite local places and people. It's the perfect party game for adults.

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Lucca Laser Workshop

Lucca, a retail store in downtown Cincinnati, is home to all natural, laser-cut gifts supplies and decor. Now housing products from owner, Lindsey, as well as a dozen other artists that specialize in natural wood and paper products!


Lucca's retail locations is split between retail and studio so you can come in to see the design and labor behind Lucca's products!

Find Lucca in the Build-Your-Own, Cincy Care Package, Hygge and You're a Gem boxes!

Macaron Bar

Macaron Bar was founded in 2014 by Patrick Moloughney and Nathan Sivitz. Mark Santanello joined in 2015.

Nathan has a B.S. from Xavier University and is a Cincinnati native. He has a passion for baking and is well versed in the pastry arts. He has studied pastry with a focus on macarons at The Gourmandise School in Santa Monica, California, and studied privately at several of the finest macaron shops in New York and Los Angeles. The 'pièce de résistance' of his training was a macarons master class at Ecole Lenôtre in Paris, France.

Supporting the community is a key part of Macaron Bar's mission statement.  As such, Macaron Bar is committed to setting aside 5% of all revenue generated to be donated to local non-profits, with a special focus on groups serving the economically and socially disadvantaged members of our communities.

Find Macaron Bar in the Build-Your-Own and Happy Birthday boxes!


mixie studio

We are Lauren Mira and Sara Relojo, two sisters from Greater Cincinnati. We were raised in a very loving, creative (and messy) household with an artist for a father and a teacher for a mother. Our parents passed on many of their terrific traits, but the most profound trait they instilled in us is this deep-within need for making stuff.

Sometimes growing up means growing apart and in our case, it meant miles. The distance between Cincinnati and Lexington is less than 100 miles, but for us at first it seemed much farther. In order to stay connected, we use good ol’ technology - texts, FaceTime, emails - to share our artful creations. The more data we used, the more we realized a new venue was needed. Thus, Mixie Studio was born.

Find Mixie Studio in the Gal Pal, Happy Birthday and You're a Gem boxes!


paper acorn

Founded in Cincinnati in 2009, Paper Acorn began as a creative outlet for artist Jessica Wolf. While learning the ins & outs of structural engineering at her full-time job in the package design industry, Wolf was inspired to create more than toothpaste cartons and dog food bags.

After hours, with ruler and X-acto knife in hand, she set to work creating something of her own. An intricate box crafted from scraps of paperboard formed the shape of a tiny forest treasure; a humble acorn. Excited about the possibilities, she continued to create in her free time and many other designs quickly followed.

Inspired by the endless possibilities of paper and the imaginations of her customers, Jessica continues to expand her line of products in the wedding & party, home décor, and DIY crafting industries.

Find Paper Acorn in the Gal Pal box!

Phyllis & Hazel

Madeleine Etter was born and raised in a small town in Southeastern Ohio. She has been making and selling jewelry for most of her life. 

"As a child growing up in rural Ohio, my artist father used to take my sister and I to freshly plowed cornfields to dig for fossils and arrowheads. The simplicity of digging a material from beneath the earth with my hands that had some special purposed fascinated me. I think that largely contributed to my choice of materials: rocks and metal. I work with brass, copper, silver, and semiprecious gemstones. I prefer the look of un-faceted, natural materials and often incorporate raw gems into my designs."


While designs tend to be quirky and a little twisted, it’s equally important that the pieces be wearable and interchangeable. Phyllis + Hazel strives to create jewelry that will stand the test of time, while maintaining a distinctly handmade and artful quality. 

All items are handmade by Madeleine Etter in Columbus, Ohio.

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Steam whistle letterpress

Brian Stuparyk has been collecting and restoring letterpress equipment since buying his first press in 2000. He received his MFA in print media from Cranbrook Academy of Art.

His letterpress cards are handset with vintage type and halftone cuts for an authentic throwback to the days when letterpress was king. He prints everything himself right here in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Find Steam Whistle Letterpress in the Cincy Care Package and Happy Birthday boxes!

we be team

We make your stuff look good. We can also make up some stuff, if you don't have any yet. Right now, we be team consists of two people with pencils (and computers, too). We bring years of art, design and video experience to the rescue, sans capes. If you need a short movie to launch some sweet merch, a brand refresh for your new app thingy, or a rockin' gif to make all your coworkers jealous, we are interested in solving your creative conundrums.


We Be Team are the talent, hands and brilliant brains behind the Paper + Petal visual identity, from our logo to our signature patterns. They photographed a lot of flowers. We owe them a lot of pizza.